My name is Isabelle, I come to you to photograph the details of your everyday life.

I love to capture unpredictable and spontaneous moments. By meeting you at your home or the place of your choice, I assure to provide you a personalized quality service that will highlight the beautiful moments of you daily life, all captured in natural light with the greatest attention.  

About me.


I love

Spending time in a coffee shop and read.

Cats even though I am allergic to them. One day I will have a cat without fur.

My lover, who is a boxer fascinated about history.


Yoga and meditation (when I am motivated)

Everything feng shui, although it can be difficult to stumble across a good website on the subject that is not a little bit too ‘’New Age’’.

Drawing and coloring. I don’t have to feel guilty anymore since coloring books are now back in style!


Practicing Muay Thai, which makes me feel stronger.

Cooking new recipes while listening to some podcasts.

My little cousins Elyse and Alyce, which annoy each other constantly, but always end up hugging one another afterward.

Kraft dinner, even though it’ll soon lose its bright orange colour. But it’s alright, even David Suzuki enjoys eating it!

Majestic pines, especially when covered in snow.

Performing the tea ceremony in my living room.

Watching kids’ programs, that are a bit for adults too (I am just trying to find an excuse here).